Firstly: ioLIGHT is designed to be a compliment, not a replacement to existing solutions and conventions. We are advocates for cycling safety in all it’s forms and HIGHLY urge everyone, cyclists or not, to know the rules of the road in their community. Follow the laws and provide hand signals and indication of an impending turn or move for your own safety.

IoLIGHT does not exempt you from the law, so we strongly recommend to use the turn signals as a compliment. That being said, we invented ioLIGHT and the incredible functionality because we feel hand signals are antiquated and often quite dangerous! You are ultimately responsible for your own safety, and you have to make your own best judgment when you're out riding.

How long do the lights run before needing a recharge?

IoLIGHT was made to outlast you on even your longest rides! The system lasts on average in activity mode over 10 hours. This is based on sequences, brightness, and signal connectivity. However, we know that everyone is different so we’ve given the control to you so that if you want to save battery you can maximize the system for your use case.

How do the turn signals, brake lights, and intersection flash work?

When you’re connected to the Lumenus mobile app, you’ve got internal hardware in the phone as well as the GPS function to alert those around you what your actions are or are about to be! We’ve designed the whole lighting system to mimic that of a car—white front lights, red rear lights, and amber turn signals to be very easy to use and familiar by mimicking what drivers are already on the lookout for. We’ve also made it possible for use without the phone for the turn signals, simply press one of the two multifunction buttons to activate the corresponding left or right turn signal.

Will the system work without a smart phone?

We know you won’t always have your phone on you, so we’ve included a two-button keypad on the pieces to allow you to control the turn signals and activate flashing modes. Before making a turn, simply press one of the two buttons to activate the corresponding left or right turn signal. This activates the turn signal lights visible from the front, sides, and back. You’re brake lights will always be automatic with or without the app.

How bright are the lights?

IoLIGHT features super bright LEDs to ensure that you’re visible at night and even designed to be seen during daylight hours!

What’s the warranty policy?

IoLIGHT will come with a one year limited warranty that ensures against any manufacturer defects.

I’m a store owner and I’m interested in being a retailer/distributor for your product!

Thanks so much for your interest! We have been overwhelmed with the positive response to IoLIGHT and have been receiving many inquiries from people interested in retailing and distributing our product line.

If you want to be one of the first retailers in the world with the IoLIGHT product, please either fill out the contact form on www.lumenus.com or email team@lumenus.com.

I’m a journalist and have questions, who should I contact?

Thanks for your interests! We’d love to share the message of IoLIGHT with the world and would be happy to help answer all of your questions. Please contact us at team@lumenus.com

Will the lights/signals be visible during the day?

It depends. Like with any other bike light or car light for that matter, if it is broad daylight with direct sunlight, then the lights will not be very visible. The darker it is out, the more prominent the lights will be. However, we’ve specifically designed the system to maximize visibility for day and night use!

How do I know if the battery is running low?

The ioLIGHT battery usage is dependent on the settings of color, brightness, and animation. To check battery level simultaneously tap both buttons on your ioLIGHT at the same time. Green = 70 – 100% charged, Orange = 40-70% charged, Red = low battery.

What if I don't get a strong GPS signal?

Make sure that Location Services are turned on for the app and that your device has a clear view of the sky, away from buildings, trees, or other obstructions. It can sometimes take a minute or two for the device to acquire a strong signal from the satellites.

What if my route won't save?

Pull down on the screen to refresh your Feed. You can also try logging out of the app and logging back in if the activity still has trouble syncing.

What happens if the recorded data is wrong?

Occasionally, GPS issues will cause an activity to be recorded incorrectly, leaving gaps in the data or making it difficult for segments to match. Good data depends on the strength of the device's GPS signal and can also be affected by an obscured view of the sky. Letting the device sit for a minute or two to acquire a strong GPS signal before recording can help record better data. 

How are new routes created?

 As you ride your route will automatically be saved via your GPS location. The app will pick up automatically on the activated turn signals and remember those in the route, however, if you didn’t activate a turn signal it won’t be remembered at that turn and you may have to recreate your route.

Why didn't my suggested route match my planned route?

Our app is programed to suggest the best route it can determine for your safety. However, you’re the only one who knows the best route for yourself! So you can create your own route and make the turns you want and the app will automatically reroute based on this new direction.