Lumenus is all about being seen.

Inspired by the problems faced by cyclists on the road,
built for all our micro-mobility safety.


We added software to the bike light.

Using the Internet of Things we have built the World's Smartest Light.

Enter your destination and be safely guided by the light.
Search a location, enter an address, or just drop a pin and Lumenus will calculate a bike safe route to your destination.

The APP automatically pairs with the ioLIGHT so you can put your phone away and focus on the ride.

The Bike Light With Brains

Turn Signals

On the front these act as turn-by-turn navigation.
On the rear these are turn signals for drivers/riders. 


Looking at a phone is dangerous when riding, so let ioLIGHT guide you to your destination. Hand-Signals are important, but drivers often do not know what they mean...but every driver knows a yellow turn signal! 

Lumenus APP
Founder image

Danger Detection

Lumenus identifies areas, such as intersections, roundabouts, & other high-traffic areas and begins to flashing as you approach these danger zones.


33% of crashes happen in intersections. This flashing helps drivers see you and know you are approaching to allow you to safely pass through. 

Brake Light

ioLIGHT has an internal gyroscope, so the sensors detect deceleration and flash a rear red brake light. 


 40% of bike crashes are from the read, the brake light gives drivers and fellow riders behind you time to slow down when you hit the brakes.

Lumenus APP
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Future Proofed

The Lumenus APP will update regularly to add new features that work with your ioLIGHT. 


Software can be updated, and the firmware on ioLIGHT can be improved on a regular basis as users provide feedback.

ioLIGHT is the smart-light will keep getting smarter.

Find a Bike Lane

Bike Friendly routing means: Lumenus finds bike paths & 'sharrows' when possible.

Auto Re-Routing

If you know a short-cut, feel free to take it! Lumenus will reroute in real-time.

Route Saving

When you ride a specific route, this can be saved in the APP to be ridden again.

The Lumenus Mobile APP for Smart Cycling Software

Audio Alerts

On top of turn signals, the APP also provides notes through your phone's audio.

Preset Modes

You have complete control to change the color, brightness, or animations.

Power Saver

With adjustable brightness modes you can extend your battery life over 30+ hours

Download the Lumenus APP

Currently available on the iOS APP Store only.
An Android version is in development currently!