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Unlock the full potential of ioLight by syncing it with the Lumenus Mobile APP. 

The first automatic GPS based turn signals, intersection strobing, and more designed to keep you safe on the road. 

Download the APP

The World's Smartest Bike Light

Turn Signals

On the front these act as turn-by-turn navigation guiding you to your destination.
On the rear these are turn signals for drivers/riders to know your next move.

Auto Flashing

Lumenus identifies areas, such as intersections, roundabouts, & other high-traffic areas and automatically begins to flashing as you approach, keeping you seen in these danger zones.

Brake Light

ioLIGHT has an internal gyroscope, so the sensors detect deceleration and flash a rear red brake light to those behind you for a little extra safety when you're slowing down.

Bike Light with Brains. Lumenus is the first bike light built with software as the focus to make it a smarter light.

Designed to Be Seen

Why buy just one when you can save $20 with the bundle for both the front and back.

A better light, for brighter riders.

Lumenus is on a mission to make mobility safer.

After one too many 'close calls' we decided to build a product to help us feel safer on the roads by updating the bike light to a smart IoT connected ioLIGHT.

Technology that helps do this with better hardware and smarter software. Welcome to our site, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions! Team@Lumenus.com